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Tips for Self Tanning with Very Fair Skin

Tanning with fair skin can be extra tricky. Often very light skinned people have more red pigment in their skin and are therefore more prone to developing orange tones and looking streaky. It can also look a little unnatural so it is important to be vigilant and careful. But the good news is that there are steps you can take to get a natural and bronzy glow without looking like a Cheeto!

  1. USE A GRADUAL TANNER - This type of self tanner works the best because it has a lower percentage of DHA and you have a good deal of control over the color that develops. You can control how dark you can go depending on your specific type of skin.

  2. DO A PATCH TEST - Although this is recommended for anyone who uses self tanner, it is even more important for those with fair skin. It helps you to really gauge how much and/or thick the lotion or oil should be applied so you can avoid orange tones.

  3. USE A TANNING MITT - These beauties will really help to distribute the tanner evenly and make sure you are getting the best application possible.

  4. MORE IS BEST - Avoiding streaks is of paramount importance because they are even more visible for those with fair skin. With a gradual tanner, it is more important to over apply than to under apply. This way you can be confident that every part of you is covered.

These tips will really give you fair skinned beauties the upper hand you need to get a beautiful sun-kissed glow! And remember that we at Golden Star Beauty are always here to help.


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