Self Tanning Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day Glow

Everyone knows that a white dress stands out stunningly with a glowing sun-kissed tan! The perfect tan can not only make your dress and even your teeth look whiter and brighter - it is the perfect way to get a luminous complexion for one of the most important days of your life. Follow these tips to make sure your self tan is flawless and fuss-free for your special day!


1. You will be on your way to the perfect tan when you prepare well before-hand.

2. Wax and/or shave 24 hours in advance for closed pores (to avoid unsightly brown spots!)

Facials should be done at least a week before applying self tanner

3. Go to the gym before application - no sweat = no streaks.

4. Brows should be at the very least shaped and tinted ahead of time so all you need is a little clean up to avoid unmatched white skin showing around your eyebrows.

5. Make sure your skin is clean and stripped free of any old self tan, makeup, or oil based products to ensure a clean surface to work with.

6. Right before application, rub an ice cube or cold wet flannel across your face to help close pores.

7. Gradual tanners, like our Golden Star Beauty Self-tanning Oil and Facial Serum, are the best choice for your wedding day so you have complete control over the darkness of your tan.


- Skip the horrifying streaky or orange-tinted tan by taking the application process seriously and thoroughly for the best results.

- Vaseline is a must for tanning your face - especially those with light colored hair. Apply around eyebrows and hairline to avoid getting orange tinted hair.

- Apply self tanner generously to avoid splotchiness. Your skin can only absorb so much so there is no need to worry about applying too much only about covering every inch of skin.

- Make sure you read our PDF “Tips & Tricks of Self-Tanning” that comes with every purchase for a complete guide to perfecting your tan before your big day!

- After application and setting time, make sure to keep your skin hydrated to make it last. You can also try our Golden Star Beauty Tan Extender Lotion to give your tan an extra boost!

- DO TEST RUNS! Make sure you perfect the shade you want a couple of weeks in advance. Communicate with your make-up artist ahead of time and maybe even try to do a makeup test run with your tan to ensure the perfect look.

- Erase mistakes by using baby oil or olive oil to clean up areas like the palms, wrists, or heels.

Take a selfie in something white with the flash on after you have applied your tan to also test how you will look with flash photography :)

- Lastly, apply with a light hand where your dress will be tight as that is where color transfer tends to happen. Between squeezing into your dress, dancing, hugging relatives there’s a good chance some may rub off. So go super light in those areas and you can even apply a little talcum powder on those tight places to soak up any sweat that would cause streaks.

You always want to take your time when it comes to making sure you look your best for this life changing occasion! Just follow these tips to ensure a perfect looking tan - and don’t forget to bring your self tanner along on your honeymoon!

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