🌟 How To Tan Your Feet 🌟

Good Prep Practices

Make sure you have exfoliated your feet well in order to remove any old fake tan and dry skin cells. You can even use a foot file if needed.

Make sure you skin is clean and dry.

Apply moisturizing lotion wherever needed on any dry areas (i.e. toes, heels, around ankles) in order to prevent the fake tan from soaking into them and turning your feet orange.

Finally, make sure you apply self tanner to the rest of your body first before moving on to your feet.

Make It Look Natural

There are a couple of ways that you can go about self tanning your feet:

Apply 1-2 pumps per foot of your gradual self tanner to a kabuki brush and lightly brush down from your legs toward the direction of your toes but make sure you avoid the toenail area.

If you are using a tanning mitt, leftover product on the tanning mitt after applying to the legs will be the perfect amount for your feet. Simply blend down from your legs toward your toes and covering the whole top of your foot. Pro Tip: Use a baby wipe or face wipe immediately after application to correct any mistakes.

That’s it! It’s not so difficult if you just focus on good preparation and using a light hand when it comes to applying product. With these tips, you will be able to expertly apply fake tan to your feet so you can show off that new pair of shoes with your holiday outfit.


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