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Facial Self-Tanning Tips for Men

There’s one question on your mind. Should men even use self tanner? To answer that question we can look to men like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and David Beckham. All of them are considered extremely good looking with their golden physique and are known for their large female following! It’s no secret that women like men with a little color. The trick is to keep it subtle. With these tips, you can transform into a bronzed god and avoid becoming an oompa loompa.

Tip #1 - Choose the Right Product

In order to stay subtle, choose a self-tanner that is buildable like our Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Lotion. Keep it natural! You don’t want to go from pasty white to deep dark all at one time. Build it up slowly so people start noticing you - not just your skin suddenly turning a different color.

Tip #2 - To Shave or Not to Shave??

The best and easiest way to self tan is to be clean shaven. That said, there are obviously some of you guys out there that would like to keep that beard you have been growing out for months. If you have dark colored hair, it’s a little bit easier to hide mistakes but blondies can become gingers pretty easily if you aren’t careful! To help blend in the self tanner into your hairline and around your beard, apply any type of gentle moisturizer around your hairline to act as a barrier between the self tanner and hair follicles to keep it from soaking in too much and turning orange. It’s also important to note that shaving removes the dead skin cells and takes the self-tanner along with it. This is why men usually have to self tan more often than women.

Tip #3 - Special Treatment Areas

For men, the space between the eyebrows at the top of the nose and the sideburn area can be tricky. Make sure your sideburns are shaved or apply moisturizer as mentioned above. Also apply lotion between your eyebrows as this area tends to be drier and dry skin soaks up more product which will make the area turn orange.

Tip #4 - Tool of the Trade

Don’t forget your handy dandy self-tanning mitt! This little baby will keep your hands from getting slathered in self tanner and, again, turning you into an oompa loompa. It will also help you get into all of the crevices of your face for an even all-over application. Our Golden Star Beauty Mitt Kit comes with a body mitt, face mitt and an exfoliator mitt to help you in every area of the self tanning process!

If you keep it light and subtle and follow these tips, you can get bronzed easily and quickly with a little practice. You don’t have to settle for paper-white skin! A little self tanner can go a long way to make you look and feel strong and confident.

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