6 Casual Cute Hairstyles for On-the-Go

Sometimes, you want to look cute with the least amount of effort possible. There’s not always time to do an elaborate braided hairstyle but there is always time for these 6 simple hairstyles to help you feel cute when you are in a hurry!

Hair down, headband kind of day. Second or third day hair looking oily on top but still beautiful on the bottom? Just brush your hair out, maybe add a few wavy curls and add your favorite thick headband. It’s amazing how much one accessory can completely change your look!

Messy hair? Who cares? Pull up half your hair or all of it and pile it on top of your head in a care-free messy bun. If you want to add some structure, use some bobby pins to keep those crazier strands in place.

If you have a few more minutes in the morning, there’s always a quick braid you can do. This look only requires two simple braids on either side of the front of your head then just wrap them around the back and pin them in place. Simple and elegant in a snap!

Have a lot to do today and need your hair out of your face? This is the quick and easy way to go. Pick your favorite braid: 3-strand, dutch, french or fishtail and add it to a high rise ponytail. For an extra dose of elegance, tease out and give some volume to the crown of your head and curl your ponytail.

Another accessory that is always ready for action is a hair ribbon or scrunchie. These are perfect to add style to any hair look and give a boring ponytail or half-up look a stylish flair.

One of the classiest and timeless casual looks for your hair is simply braiding your hair in the back and tying off with a scrunchie or elastic. It is quick if you know how to braid and can make your hair look cute no matter what state it’s in!

No matter what casual hairstyle you are feeling today, you are sure to start your day feeling fashionable and beautiful with minimal effort. What more can you ask for with a busy day ahead?

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