5 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Spring

Winter is (mostly) gone and spring is here! With temperatures and humidity on the rise, what is the next step to get your skin prepared for the change in weather? All winter, we have been slathering our skin with multiple moisturizers, lotions and serums to try and keep our skin fresh and avoid dryness - but now that there is more moisture in the air, here are some steps you can take to keep your skin healthy and breakout free!


Exfoliate ~ Warmer weather means more skin out for all to see. So, the first step is to exfoliate with a gentle exfoliating wash to get rid of all the old dead skin cells and start fresh. This includes the whole body - don’t forget dry cracked feet! They’ll make summer debut as well and need to be in tip top shape :)


Add an SPF ~ Our long lost friend, the sun, is showing his red hot face again. And even though we are grateful for the warmth, our skin still needs protection. Simply choose products like your moisturizer, BB cream, and lip balm that have some SPF. Your skin will thank you later!


Exercise ~ Although this is technically not a skincare choice, exercise is an important part of healthy skin. It increased blood flow and pushes out toxins, dirt and oil through your pores when you sweat - which is a good thing! Just make sure to shower and wash your face asap so as to not let those toxins sit on your skin.


Lighter Moisturizer ~ Your skin no longer needs the heavy lotions of the winter time. Pick up a lighter moisturizer in the form of a serum or mist. Added bonus if it contains hyaluronic acid (which is an ingredient in our self tanners ;)) and aloe. These pack a punch of moisture without weighing down your skin.


Spring Clean ~ Spring cleaning includes your skincare and makeup products as well! Makeup products 6 months or older can host a nasty build up of bacteria which can cause breakouts and infections. Also, cleaning makeup brushes once a week helps avoid the same problem.

Taking these simple actions can save your skin a ton of trouble and keep it looking healthy and glowing! Don’t forget to start your self tanning routine to get it down pat in time for Summer :) Our self tanning body oil is the perfect choice for a moisturizing self tanner that won’t work against you in the battle over dry skin!

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