5 Summer Festival Makeup Looks

Music festivals are not only known for their amazing music. It’s also a place to step out of your comfort zone in fashion and also in beauty. It gives a safe space for attendees to wear makeup looks that they might not feel comfortable wearing or have the time to apply in everyday life. If you are looking for some out-of-the-box ideas, here are some of our faves!

#1 ~ Eye Glitter ~

Remember those times as a little girl where glitter was magic fairy dust? Now you have the chance to indulge in a little rainbow glitter even if you are all grown up now ;) Just dust a little all over your eyelid and a little below for a classic easy fairytale look.

#2 ~ Electric Shadow ~

Now is the time to add a little spark to your makeup look! Go a little retro 90’s by grabbing your favorite cream shadow in the boldest color and dab it across your lid and crease, blending out a little as you go.

#3 ~ Temporary Tattoos ~

These eye catching tattoos can be put on your body and face for a little tribal goddess action! Accent a more subtle makeup look or use them to dramatize even more.

#4 ~ Watercolor Look ~

Really get into a more artsy look by applying rainbow plumes of color around your eyes. This is one look you won’t have to worry about blending out. The colors should bleed into each other and can even go beyond the boundaries of your eyes and extend to the eyebrows and temple.

#5 ~ Graphic Eyeliner ~

Take a more modern swing with a minimalist and simple yet striking eyeliner look. Use a bold colored eyeliner to draw simple shape like an elongated cat eye that doubles back into the first half of your crease.

No matter what look you go for - the idea is to embrace breaking out of your makeup comfort zone, showing your true colors and just having fun!


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