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5 Self Tanning Tips We Swear By

To get ready for your summer self tanning routine, we have put together our top 5 tips that are essential for a smooth and golden tan!

  1. EXFOLIATION is essential. Preparing your body for self tanning is one of the best ways to ensure a seamless application! Exfoliating (and shaving!) 24 hours before self tanning will help you create a clean slate by getting rid of dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. That brand new layer of skin is ideal for making your tan last the longest possible!

  2. TANNING MITTS are a must. Although latex gloves work pretty well to apply your self tanner, tanning mitts are specifically designed to not only keep you from getting orange hands, but also to ensure a smoother and more even application. (OR even better get our Golden Star Beauty Mitt Kit which provides an exfoliating mitt and an application mitt for your body and your face!!)

  3. HANDS & FEET need careful handling. Orange and blotchy feet and hands are a dead giveaway for a self tanner. The key is to make it look natural and you can do that by only using the small excess amount of tanner leftover on your mitt to tan the back of your hands and tops of your feet. Then, blend towards your toes/fingertips - but avoid the nails! Also, make sure your hands and feet are moisturized before hand to prevent oranginess.

  4. YOUR TAN NEEDS NURTURING. Lotions and moisturizers are the backbone of a long-lasting tan. Keep your skin hydrated and it will not only last longer, but help the self tanner to fade evenly. You can also use our TAN EXTENDER LOTION which not only moisturizes but it also has a small amount of DHA to help maintain your color.

  5. NIGHTLY APPLICATION is a NO BRAINER. When your tanner can sit overnight, there is no need to worry about sweating, rubbing it off, exposing it to water or anything else that might stop the tan from developing. It is the easiest way to ensure full color development - not to mention the glorious and beautiful surprise you get when you wake up!

We want you to have the best self tanning experience you can have! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of our products and we are happy to help. Happy Tanning!


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