10 Makeup Tips for Beginners

With school starting back up and going back to work after summer vacation, it might be time for a few makeup tips as a little refresher or for those who are just starting out with makeup and need a few tips. Either way, it’s a good time to step up your beauty game!

1. High Quality Multitasking Tools - The best way to start out is by collecting tools that are good quality and will last you a long time but that also have multiple uses! Some go to’s are:

-Beauty Blender: Used to blend foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer and contour.

-Angled Brow Brush: Used for creating the perfect brows and smudging eyeshadow under eyes and in your crease.

-Blending Brush: Used for blending eyeshadow and also blending out your nose contour.

-Multitask Big Brush: Used for applying setting powder, highlight, and blush.

2. Finishing Spray - This is a must when you want to avoid cake face. When applying multiple products, this helps your makeup look smooth and flawless while also giving you a dewy glow.

3. Neutral Eyeshadow Base - Always start applying your eyeshadow with a neutral eyeshadow that is almost the same color as your skin tone. This will help the other colors stick and makes it easier to blend.

4. Always Prime. - Eye primer and face primers are essential for long-lasting makeup looks. They will make sure your foundation and eyeshadow stay where you put them all day long.

5. Shaped Brows - Brows are important because they can make you look 100% more put together even if all your other makeup is pretty minimal. Start by lining below your eyebrow, following the shape and then line the top. Then, blend the top line down and the bottom line up to create a flawless and natural look.

6. Practice Makes Perfect - Does eyeliner scare you a little? Don’t worry, you can practice with different types of eyeliner on paper to not only see which one you like the most but to get the shape you want and perfect that wing! You can also use Scotch tape as a guide for winged eyeliner and just peel it off for the perfect line.

7. Go See a Pro - As far as foundation is concerned, the best way to find the perfect foundation for your skin type and color is to see a professional at any makeup desk and ask for samples and advice. Sephora even offers a color matching service to help you find the right shade.

8. Long-Lasting Lips - For an extra boost to your lip color, add a little translucent powder to you lipstick to make it last longer and stay in place

9. Lighting - The kind of light you apply your makeup in can drastically change the way your end result looks. You should always apply it in as much natural light as possible so you can see what it will actually look like when you are out and about.

10. Eyeshadow Order - Ever wonder how many shades to apply and where? Apply one neutral color all over the eyelid, number two and the second darkest goes in your crease, the third darkest shade goes on the outside corner of your eyelid and crease and the fourth lightest and brightest shade acts as a highlight and goes in the inner corner of your eye. Make sure to blend everything out to avoid stark lines and you’re good to go!

These are just a few tips to help you get started. There’s tons of tips out there and videos to help you with application and products! If you get overwhelmed, just keep it simple! It’s better to underapply than overapply.


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